2021 is far but hey, let's start

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Hey all,


I know, 2021 is far away. I will be 46 years old then. 

But 2021 is also close. So let's start to think what we want for 2021. What's the minimum we need to organise a ECU? What's the minimum standard for a track, for road, for muni. What for lodging?

Let's bring ideas toghetter. 

Goal: have a clear list for a futur organiser to start with organising. 


* first deadline => 15 december 2018

* list for futur organisers => 1 march 2019


* bringing up minimum standards: you all

* collecting: Alwin


Kind regards,





Hi to Everybody


the discussion started by Alwin is interesting and surely useful for all future ECs.

According to our opinion, the first question we should answer to is the following:


·        do we want to apply the current IUF book, that says:


1C.2 Required Events at Unicon.
Unicon should include at least one event from each of the following event groups. Hosts are free to add events, age groups or variations that do not appear here, as long as there is no con
ict with the existing rules. When in doubt contact the IUF Rules Committee.


• Track Racing: the required races from section 2D.5.


• Other Racing: Road, specialty/novelty races; see chapters 3 and 4.


• Team Games: Unicycle Hockey, Unicycle Basketball; see chapters 14 and 15.


• Field events: Long Jump, High Jump, Gliding/Coasting; see chapter 13 and chapter 3.


• Non-competition events: workshops, fun games, sightseeing rides, muni rides.


• Artistic events: Freestyle, Standard Skill, Flatland, Street; see chapters 7, 8, 10, and 11.


• Muni: Cross Country, Orienteering, Uphill, Downhill, Trials; see chapter 5 and chapter 12.


or modify it for EC? If we deem it necessary, which should be the changes to be carried out? Leaving for the moment aside the way how the disciplines have been grouped in the above mentioned paragraph, do we think we should define which of these disciplines should be a MUST for the next UCs?


·       The same question should be put as regards the 2nd question raised by Alwin, which is: What's the minimum standard for a track, for road, for muni?
Again, should we stick to the current IUF book or do we think that changes are needed? 


·       Concerning the lodging: on this point we do not have suggestions/remarks.


·       we learned from the communication posted by Jenni in the IUF's Blog on Sept. 1st (https://unicycling.org/blog/) that the IUF has formalized the requirements for hosting an Unicon, this means that from now on a written understanding between host and IUF will be signed between the Parties.
Do we think this could be something we should apply also for EC?
As soon as this understanding will be available we could go through it and decide if it is something we could take into consideration or not.



These are our first thoughts we bring to your attention.


Cheers Marco



Hi to Everybody

I agree with these first considerations posted by Marco. Cheers Gaetano


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