Maksym Siegienczuk - introduction

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Hi all,

Many recognize me as polish. Yes, I am polish but for last 3 years I live in Slovenia and look forward to stay here longer.
I am trying to build unicycling community in Slovenia, also trying to reactivate quite strong riders from the past 6/8 years. 

I am addicted to Muni, but also do road riding in the places without mountains. I am also riding trial, or playing unicycle hockey from time to time. My approach to unicycling is very sporty. I am racing on highest level and see things from competitor(expert) point of view. 

By profession, I am seafarer, the man working on big cargo ships. Good point of this is that I have total 6 months of holidays per year. Bad thing is that when I am on ship I am totally immersed in my job and although possible it is very difficult to make changes to my sailing schedule.

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