Rosi Bongers - introduction

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I am 61 years old, a sports teacher and live in Duisburg/Germany. My first contact with a unicycle was in 1991, when I started a unicycle group in our club. That was about the hour of birth of unicycling in Germany and the beginning of a big boom.

Since then I have been the team coach of MSV Duisburg Einradzebras. Our focus is on racing, we attended the German championships from the first "German Open" 1993 in Bottrop till today. My first Unicon experience was Langenthal (CH, 2006). I was race director (races) at the ECUnicycling in Sittard/NL in 2017. 

I represent the German association "Bund Deutscher Radfahrer (BDR)" as head of the unicycling committee. In the last few years we have developed a very good cooperation with the second German unicycling union "Einradverband (EVD)", so we are now able to unite our strengths. 

My main concern is developing quality standards for racing in competitions, offering possibilities for the youngest riders to secure the future of our sports and - most important of all - never to forget that we do all that for the riders and not mainly for any association's or personal interest. 

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