Introducing Klaas Bil

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I am Klaas Bil (65), born and living in the Netherlands. I’ve been riding unicycles since 2000. I have been competing in every Unicon since 2006, mainly focusing on track and road racing. I do also ride offroad but not competitively.

I have organised annual regional offroad riding events since 2005, and have been main organiser of the annual Dutch national championships since their start in 2010. Since 2016 I am cofounder and president of the Dutch unicycle association, working to strengthen the Dutch unicycle community and increase the “level” of the sport. Because of the relatively strong bonds between the Dutch and Flemish unicyclist communities, our association as informally “adopted” Flanders (the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium).

For IUF I am also in the World Record Committee and the Rulebook Committee.

I am a retired research engineer with Shell. My other interests include music (playing and composing) and camping.

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