Reiner Fürst - Introduction

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Hi everyone,

I am 57 years old, born and living in Germany near Stuttgart


My first contact with a unicycle was in 2005.  I ride unicycling since 2009. 2010 I grounded a unicycling department in the club SV Salamander Kornwestheim.


Our focus is on track and road racing and also in jumping.


In our club we organized 2012 and 2014 international competitions for track races and jumps.


My first unicon experience was Brixen 2012. In this Unicon I was Jump director. Since there with exception of Korea, we participated on all unicons and also European championships.


Since 2011 I’m part of the "Bund Deutscher Radfahrer (BDR) unicycling committee. For the IUF I worked in rulebook Committee.


My main concern like Rosi is to establish quality standards for racing and jumping in competitions


My job is to manage customer projects at Bosch (focus automotive products).


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