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I am Alwin. Born in Belgium. I speak Dutch.

In 2012 we where on holliday in Austria. We stayed in the house of Felix Regelsberger. Jolan, my second son (I have 3 sons) felt in love with the unicycles there.

Back home we bought him a 20inch Qu-ax. In 2013 the first competition in The Netherlands, in 2015 the first European in Italy and in 2016 the first Unicon.

In 2015 Circe asked me to join the team for Ecu 2017. Toghetter with her i searched for locations. In 2017 we organised a what turned out to be a great ECU.

After a little crash after ECU, i went on. At Unicon 19 I helpend a lot and slowely realised that there was no organiser for Ecu 2019.

And now, I am the head organiser of ECU 2019. Main goal: get the perfect team toghetter to have a ECU with the biggest possible respect for the sport. 


I forgot my profession: i am the local manager of a organica food supermarkt. I work with 16 people there. 

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