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I apologize for the delay, but I was in holiday and have come back just on Sunday.
For those who do not know me, please find below a short presentation of myself.

My working experience started first in Germany in 1974 and 1975 and then in USA 1975 and 1976.
In those years I was in the Italian National Sailing Team anI worked in the North Sails‘ branches, first in Tutzing, Germany and then in Stratford/Mildford CN  USA.
Here I learned how to design and produce racing sails. In 1974 I co-founded the Italian North Sails’ branch.
The premature death of a person very close to me led me to close this working experience.  I devoted myself exclusively to sailing as a professional sailor and skipper.

My first son born in 1984. His arrival gave way to the desire for a more „normal” and “resident” life.
I definitively left the professional sailing world and started to deal with software development and IT-systems.
In the US at the North Sails‘ branch I learned how a computer works and had the opportunity to develop my first programs.
I set up two software companies in Italy, both in Milan, and was involved in the management of a middle size IT-Company in Swizerland.
My engagement in the IT-environment lasted overall 30 years, from 1984 up to 2014.

I always spent my free time playing sports, and (I do not know if it is good or not) always trying to do it with a goal to be achieved.
Here in Varese I started soaring on glider and went on for about 10 years reaching the status of international competitor. Then, in order to stay more close to my family (gliding is amazing, but requires a lot of time), I switched to the mountain-bike and became mountain-bike instructor.
I was looking for an idea to propose to our group for indoor winter training when I „met“ for the first time a unicycle.
In 2007  I actively took part  with some friends in the creation of the Italian Unicycle Association (A.I.M.). For some years I was the President of the Association.
In these years I deeply studied this world and the different components used. I started to build up my own technical knowledge as regards unicycles and parts. The effort was great but extremely interesting. In 2008 I started to import and sell unicycles. Slowly and slowly I started to think „how I could improve some parts“.
With a friend, owner of a CNC Small Series Company located nearby, we started to develop our first hubs, then our first cranks .... the path was traced, Mad4One was born.
When I first approached the unicycle environment I was captured by this microcosm where sport is done at all ages in the “right” way and with the right spirit. This has great value and we all must be aware of it.
Now, as operator in the unicycle world I think that one of my first duties is to use all resources I can to preserve and make this environment improve and grow, year after year, project after project.

My involvement in the European Committee will help me to work on this dream, with fair commitment and great passion.
Sorry for my English, but many years have passed since I studied this language .... :).



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