Proposal 1: ECU should happen again in Sittard / Netherlands in 2019 [ Revision 1 ]

Committee: ECU 2019
Submitted on 2018-08-29
Status: Passed on September 10, 2018


As there was no possible host so far for the ECU 2019, Alvin jumped in and is actually working hard to make another ECU in the Netherlands possible, many thanks to him and the team arround him for this activity.


The ECU 2019 will be the official European Championship for 2019


Once we get a final confirmation from Alvin that this can happen (in maximum 2 weeks as far as I know). We will open the voting for this proposal to follow the formal proceder to sanctionise a European Championship as officiall IUF championship.



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Votes on this proposal:

13 out of 17 voting members have voted.

Agree: 12, Disagree: 1, Abstain: 0.

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